Antje Clasen M.A.,  Lektorin  




Schloss; neu: Zimmer EW 295



Universität Mannheim
Anglistik für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Schloss, EW 295
68131 Mannheim







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Anne Clasen graduated with an MA in Social Psychology, Politics and Sociology from Cambridge University. After a Masters Degree in Economics and Politics, she received a Graduate Fellowship at Harvard University where she studied with Professors Samuel Huntington (Comparative Politics) Michael Sandel (Political Philosophy) and Peter Hall (Political Economy).

Returning to Germany, she worked as interpreter for the European Commission, an investment bank and in the car and machine tool industry. Since 2002, she taught Business English at Allianz, Munich Re, the law firm Linklaters LLP and AUDI - preparing executives for press conferences and meetings - and Financial English at Unicredit, DAB Bank and Deutsche Bank.

She enjoys creative writing and writing book reviews for friends and members of Harvard Writers and Publishers.   




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