Teaching at the Chair of Synchronic English Linguistics

Information about the current programme you will find on  Studierendenportal .
Here we will briefly describe our philosophy of teaching.

believe in self responsibility. Learning has to be achieved by the student not the teaching staff. Learning takes place during individual and team activities, via self-assessment, and very important: feedback.

support you in developping your study skills by using interactive teaching methods in class, demanding students to actively participate in classes - even in lectures there are opportunities to do so (!) and providing information leaflets on our homepage. We offer tutorials "Studieren mit Know-How" which address questions concerning study skills independent of linguistic topics. And as far as possible, we have a (fairly) open door policy.

strive at creating an atmosphere and work surrounding in our classes that support self responsibility and learning.

are a team of devoted teachers. Dr. Ira Gawlitzek received the Landeslehrpreis of the University of Mannheim and Baden-Württemberg in 2002.

In our classes you learn about linguistics, how to do linguistics, about the English language, and how to improve your study skills by preparing presentations, poster presentations, writing papers, and doing small research projects.

are expected to actively engage in work and discussions, to be and think critically and independantly and to make use of the information available on dotlrn and on our homepage, i.e. here.

We are looking forward to meeting you in our seminars.

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