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Posthumanist Perspectives

7 to 8 March 2014

University of Mannheim; IBZ (Address: L2, 2-4)


Prof. Dr. Hanjo Berressem (Universität Köln)
Apl.-Prof. Dr. Christa Grewe-Volpp (Universität Mannheim)
Prof. Dr. Karin Harrasser (Kunstuniversität Linz)
Dr. habil. Stefan Herbrechter (Coventry University)
Prof. Joseph Tabbi, PhD (University of Illinois at Chicago)


In our workshop we want to discuss questions that have recently arisen in the context of critical posthumanism. In particular, we want to explore what implications posthumanism as a research perspective may have for rethinking human agency, self-experience, and -description within a general tendency of regarding the human as interrelated node in a network of technological, environmental, media-related, and other non-human factors.


Stefan Danter
Johannes Fehrle
Apl. Prof. Dr. Christa Grewe-Volpp
Susan Montoya
Prof. Dr. Ulfried Reichardt
Dr. Regina Schober

The workshop is hosted by the American Studies department and will take place as as a part of the project "Transformations of Subjectivity" within the Research and
Study Center
(RSC) of the School of Humanities at the University of Mannheim.

Contact and registration:

Stefan Danter (sdanter@mail.uni-mannheim.de)



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