If you're interested in my textbook titled English Syntax in Three Dimensions: History-Synchrony-Diachrony you'll find more info here and here (a website with glossary and model answers).

Current Courses and Lectures at the University of Mannheim
 I am on sabbatical leave in the autumn term.

Topics of Teaching at the University of Mannheim (2007+)
Shakespearean Language, Literature and Culture (with Prof. Sarah Heinz)
The History of Grammar
Varieties of English
Graduate courses
Current Projects in Linguistics
Undergraduate courses
Language contact
Syntax podcasting
Corpus Linguistics
Towards Modern English
Syntactic Change and Language Acquisition
Diachronic Syntax
Diachronic Morphology
Theoretical and Diachronic Aspects of Morphology
Early Modern English
Pidgins & Creoles
Language Change
Old English


For further information, please contact me.

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